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DIY Decorations

Whatever season you’re planning for, creating your own decorations to adorn your fabulous wedding venue can be both lots of fun and easy on the bank account. Depending on your theme and the venue itself you can easily create something magical and personal that your guests will enjoy and remember. Here are some things to think about before getting started.

What have you already got to work with?                                                                                         Take a good look at your venue. See what is already there that can be used to your advantage, for example; beams and banisters that you can hang things from or windowsills that you can decorate. Does the venue allow you the use of tables or props such as a postbox for cards, easels for your table plan? Venues accumulate so many bits and pieces and though they may charge for the use of these things or be willing to negotiate on costs given that you’re already spending a lot on venue hire. If you don’t ask you don’t get. Equally if you’re going with a ‘wedding package’ venues may be more open to negotiating with you. A lot of venue’s and suppliers will package deals on dates that are more difficult to fill. Use this to your advantage. Be clear on what is going to be out on the day so that you can plan accordingly.

DIY wedding decor
What do you already have at home that can be used? OR what can you acquire from other people either for free or for very little?                                                                                                The simplest of things can be spruced up and used to decorate your day. Old food jars can be collecting, washed, stripped of their labels and filled with flowers, candles or quite honestly anything at all. Consider putting an empty cardboard box in your office kitchen requesting jars and you’ll be surprised how many people will help you out. Do you have any old bits of material lying around that could be used to make bunting? Old bed sheets could be dyed or dressed up with some fabric paint/pens to and used as bunting or chair covers. Know anyone that recently got married? See if they have any bits and pieces you could reuse. Perhaps fairy lights or spare candles?

Buy online to keep costs down BUT buy only what you need.                                                                If you plan well enough ahead and have a clear idea of what you are going to need it’s possible to save a hell of a lot by using eBay or Amazon and not overspending. Craft supplies are far cheaper online so for things like ribbon, hessian or cellophane bags do some research and find the cheapest supplier before you buy. Don’t be tempted to buy in bulk and also don’t be tempted by Pound Shop deals as often these aren’t the best value for money. If you’re organised and buying in plenty of time it won’t matter that your ribbon is coming from China or your hessian from the USA.

Photos, photos, photos!                                      Using photographs of you and your other half can be a beautiful way to personalise your wedding. Cute baby photos, awkward teenage photos and loved up couple photos can help tell a wonderful story and provide a pretty backdrop for your special day.

diy venue styling

Not creative? No problem. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

  • Glass jars – decorate with small flowers, candles, cover in glitter, fill with sweets or beads. Use them to line your aisle, as table centre pieces or paint on your table numbers and use as table markers. The possibilities are endless.
  • Table plan – use a large mirror and a chalk pen to write your guests names on, use a large pin board and present tags to show your guests where they should be. These could also double up as name place settings if you aren’t fussed where exactly on the table each guest sits.
  • Photos – a simple piece of string and pegs can be used to create a timeline of pictures ready to hang in your venue. Or buy some cheap frames and use them to compose a collage of your favourite photos. You could go one step further and use photos on your tables.
  • Candles – never underestimate the beauty that soft light can provide. Tea lights, pillar candles even LED candles can all be purchased online relatively cheap and the simplicity of candle light can transform a space. Do check your venue’s policy on real candles before forking out the pennies though.

The amazing thing is you can be as bold as you like. It’s about putting as much of you into the spirit of the day as possible. And if you’re still struggling for ideas drop me a message, I’d love to hear from you. Failing that, Pinterest has a wealth of inspiration you can use to get the creativity flowing.

Happy creating!




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