Summer Wedding Flowers: My Favourites

Summer wedding season is officially here! Those of you lucky enough to be planning your wedding during this glorious season will be absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to flowers. There is so much available in the UK whatever your theme and budget but these are a few of my favourite statement flowers for summer wedding perfection.




What’s not to love about a bright and cheery sunflower? A beautiful statement flower to add height and depth to any bouquet. Paired with Germinis and some fluffy Solidago and you’ve got yourself a rustic, country looking bouquet.




Roses are always a safe bet. They come in a variety of different colours so you really are spoilt for choice. Roses also make perfect buttonholes. Just add a rose leaf or large ivy leaf, a sprig of gypsophila and you’re good to go.




Carnations also come in a variety of colours. They are very long lasting and extremely forgiving so a good option of you’re wanting to prepare your bouquet ahead of time. A versatile flower that can be used as as the main event in your bouquet but spray carnations also work brilliantly as a support act to fill out your bouquet.



Alstros, or peruvian lillies are one of my all time favourite flowers. Those cute little stripes on the inside of the petals add such a dynamic quality to any bouquet or display. Often coming in a mixture of colours the make an beautiful addition to a bouquet. Probably best used as a filler flower although I have seen some stunning arrangements with the alstro flying solo.




Where do I start with this smasher? Peonies exude romance so are the perfect flower to take centre stage in your bouquet. Whether you’re wanting an extravagant feel or a relaxed country vibe, the peony has it covered.


Happy planning!


Jess x


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