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Wedding dresses: is yours insured?

This weekend has seen some sad news in the wedding world with the closure of huge dress designer Alfred Angelo. A statement released by the UK division was made with “an extremely heavy heart” and outlined details of trustees dealing with outstanding orders. 

A wedding dress will often be one of the areas you splurge on, and why shouldn’t you? When you’re planning a wedding it’s so easy to get caught up in the magic of it all but in the current economic climate, sometimes things go wrong. Unfortunately, it happened to me. 

After several trips to different dress shops I finally found ‘the one’. I placed my order, paid my deposit – half the value of the dress – and left the shop on cloud 9. Three months later I found out through Facebook that the shop had gone bankrupt and weren’t able to fulfill any of the orders placed. Fortunately we were still 10 months away from our wedding but there were brides weeks away from theirs with no dress. Needless to say I was heartbroken. 

Did you know most reputable bridal retails are members of either the Retail Bridalwear Association (RBA) or the British Bridal Retail Association (BBRA) both of which offer free dress insurance to customers? Nope, me neither. It turned out that my dress shop WAS a member of the RBA but the shop didn’t tell me this. It would have taken minutes for me to activate the insurance and I would have been covered up to £1000 in the event that anything went wrong, which it unfortunately did. 
Luckily everything turned out fine, we found another shop which stocked the dress – All About Eve in Newport – and they were absolutely fantastic. Plus we managed to get our deposit back from the bank so we didn’t lose out. 

When it comes to insurance the tendency is to think it’s unnecessary and often people think the worst won’t happen to them. But what if it does? Weddings are expensive enough as it is without the possibility of losing out financially if things go wrong. I’d strongly urge anyone on the hunt for a wedding dress to do just a little bit of research beforehand.  Check the RBA and BBRA websites for listed stockists. There are loads of shops on the list. The peace of mind knowing you’re protected is priceless and the insurance is FREE.


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