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Budget Wedding Inspiration: 5 Things Your Wedding Reception Can Do Without

Wanting to be a bit more savvy with your wedding budget? Here are 5 things your reception can do without and cheaper alternatives you should consider instead.

1. A 3 course meal

Yes, you probably need to feed your guests and of course you don’t want them to go hungry, but catering accounts for a large percentage of your wedding budget. Instead on serving your guests a 3 course sit down meal why not consider just a main course? Canapés can be reasonably cheap to put on and can be circulated with your reception drinks. Your guests can then sit down to a main meal and why not serve wedding cake as your dessert? There is often so much cake leftover as by the time it comes out guests are full of the days offerings. Also, your wedding cake deserves centre stage, so why not let it occupy the all important dessert spot?

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2. A DJ

These days almost everyone has a smart phone with a music player. Compile your own playlists and plug straight into the venue’s sound system to save yourself a load of money on your evening reception.

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3. A photo booth

With packages starting from around £200-£300 for 2-3 hours of use, photo booths are hugely popular and lots of fun. But if you’re willing to bargain hunt a little bit you could easily DIY for £100, still have fun and still get some cracking pictures. Or if you already have a decent digital camera, why not set that up and print off your pictures after?


4. Grand centrepieces

Huge, grand centrepieces are tricky for 2 reasons; they get in the way of your guests interacting and they could cost you a lot more than you’d expect. Something small like a vase of flowers or just your table name or number tarted up a bit will not only be a bit easier on the eye but will ensure there is plenty of room on the table for the important things. Like food and alcohol!

5. Printed programmes/order of the day

Instead of printing individual itineraries for every guest, think about one central board or sign near the entrance to your main function room. All the guests will be able to see it and you’ll save on printing costs and waste.

I hope these help if your currently planning a wedding. I’d love to hear any other ideas you might have.

Jess x

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