DIY Weddings

Trying to decide whether to put your wedding together yourself?

With the average price of a wedding topping the £21,000 mark in the UK, more and more brides and grooms are turning their hands to DIY to cut costs. As well as saving pennies, homemade DIY touches can add a unique and personal feel to your wedding. From favours, to flowers, decorations, cakes, and more, you can create your own versions for a fraction of the cost and revel in your own creativity.

How much you want to take on depends entirely on how much time and patience you have  but also whether you think you’ll enjoy it. Enjoyment is probably the most important factor here because otherwise you will lose the will to live and it will not be fun for you or your future husband/wife. If you do decide to DIY, be prepared for never ending expressions of “Are you sure?” and “You’re taking on too much.”. It all comes from a good place, but only you can be the judge of whether or not it’s do-able.IMG_7728

The best advice I can give is practice everything before you commit. Want to do your own flowers? Find out what’s in season around your wedding day and practice putting together a bouquet or button holes, or take a floristry course. Want to make your own wedding stationery? Knock up a couple of templates and see how they look. Remember to take into account the the time it’s going to take you hand write 60, 80, 100 invites, or prepare the same number of favours. If you have the time, it’s so rewarding to see all your own hard work on the day and adds so much personality to your wedding day.

Good luck and enjoy!